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Jose Mourinho Comments Will Leave Sevco Fans Furious

Roma manager Jose Mourinho will no doubt upset Sevco fans after his comments on the strength of the UEFA Europa League this season.

After leading Spurs to a cup final and then being sacked just days prior, Mourinho went on to manage Roma, where he has lead the club to the Europa Conference League Final, where they are due to meet Feyenoord.

Talking up the achievement, Mourinho said:

“Champions League, yes, it’s a different level.”

“Europa League is not a different level than the Conference League.”

“The Conference League semi-finals were at a higher level than the Europa League semi-finals.”

The Europa League semi-finals contained Sevco, Frankfurt, West Ham and RB Leipzig.

The Europa Conference League contained Roma, Feyenoord, Marseille and Leicester City.

His comments will obviously send the fragile bears into a fit of rage, but it just makes it all the more laughable that they try to claim that winning the Europa League would beat Celtic winning the European Cup.

Let’s not forget Mourinho has actually won both trophies twice in his career, so his opinion is absolutely valid, unlike the deluded opinion of Sevco fans, desperate to try and reach Celtic’s standing in European football, which will sadly for them never happen.

It should also be noted that the Conference League final is actually played after the Europa League final, which is strange considering the lesser competitions are normally completed smallest to biggest, ending with the Champions League final, so perhaps UEFA also see this season’s Conference League final as being the bigger of the two…

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  1. Pan

    It is quite obvious that something very strange has happened this year with the Conference League ending up with far better teams dropping into it than the Europa League has left in it.

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