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Worried Stewart Robertson Begs Sevco Fans Not To Wreck Seville

Jesus, you know your supporters are absolute scumbags when your own managing director has to come out in the media and beg you not to destroy a beautiful city and act like thugs when you travel there.

But you know what, I don’t blame him, because in all likelihood, they will trash that beautiful city of Seville.

That’s just what this lot do, win or lose, it doesn’t matter, ultimate destruction is their main objective.

Speaking to the media today, Robertson told fans:

“Go and enjoy the occasion, go and be a great ambassador for Rangers.”

“We’re going to a beautiful city in Seville, go and enjoy the city, but let’s go and do it in the right way, in the right manner.”

Again, re-emphasising the zombies to behave themselves, Robertson continued:

“Regardless of the numbers going, respect the city, respect the locals, there will be people going about their day-to-day business.”

“There’s going to be disruption to peoples day-to-day lives, but hopefully, we do it in a way that’s positive, and the local people, when we leave, they have a good impression of Rangers, and the Rangers support”

I doubt ‘Scotland’s Shame’ will take any notice.

Pray for Seville.

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