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Christopher Jullien – Get Your Act Together

Celtic centre back Christopher Jullien has come out in the media to complain about his playing time under Ange Postecoglou.

Jullien has been out injured for 18 months after colliding with a goal post, and has cost Celtic probably well over a million quid in wages alone for him to be in the gym doing his recovery work, without contributing to the team.

He’s only just come back to relative fitness where he can play football in the last 5 months, and he’s decided to run to the media to complain that Ange isn’t playing him?

We have the best centre back paring in the league, the best defensive record in the league, we haven’t even lost a single league game with CCV and Starfelt starting together.

Does he really expect Ange to rip up that partnership, that hugely successful partnership, as we are hunting down a league title, just to keep Jullien happy?

Is he out of his mind!?

Christopher, knuckle down in pre-season, show the manager your worth in training, you will no doubt get plenty of game time in pre-season friendlies, and if the manager sees that you are his best option for the new season, he will go with you.

Running to the media complaining about game time, it hugely inappropriate at this time and unprofessional.

Christopher, get your act together.

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