You are currently viewing “Embarrassing Tweet From You”, “Behave” – Green Party MSP Slammed For Attack On Celtic Fans

“Embarrassing Tweet From You”, “Behave” – Green Party MSP Slammed For Attack On Celtic Fans

Did Celtic celebrate winning the league title yesterday?

That would explain the utter rage from certain people on social media today as Sevco fans, journalists and MPs alike seem to be very angry at the moment.

And do you know what has made this lot even angrier?

Is the fact tens of thousands of Celtic fans partied in Glasgow city centre yesterday afternoon and there was barely any trouble considering the huge number of people gathered and of course a lot of alcohol involved.

Even Police Scotland released a statement confirming “there was no serious incidents or disorder”.

This statement absolutely enraged the poor bears, as they desperately tried to tar Celtic fans with the same brush as them, who as we all know, completely destroyed the city last year.

Riot police actually had to get involved due to the sheer amount of thuggery on display from Sevco fans last season as they attacked police, attacked each other, broke benches and vandalised statutes.

Today, they spent all morning taking pictures of litter in the streets and tweeting at Nicola Sturgeon to release statements condemning minor incidents that occurred yesterday.

Truly pathetic behaviour.

And equally as pathetic were tweets from the likes of Stewart Paterson from the Glasgow Evening Times, and the one you’ll see below from Green Party MSP Patrick Harvie, who were both clearly hurting today.

Take a look at the tweet below and the responses from Celtic supporters who set Patrick straight.

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  1. JTT

    Preemptive moral equivalence per chance Patrick?

  2. John

    I live in an ex-mining town near Nottingham and there are 10 times more bottles, litter, vomit and recycled kebabs, or Chinese food every weekend than there was in Glasgow last night. Celtic fans worth their salt should never ever buy publications which regurgitate this ‘as bad as each other’ agenda.

  3. Pan

    Scotland is indeed in a very bad state with so-called politicians like Harvie making stupid and ill-informed statements like that. Harvie is an utter embarrassment and is not taken seriously by normal and intelligent people.

    Cardiffbhoy’s comment “Politicians such as Patrick grandstanding should maybe use their budgets better as I rarely see mess like this on European streets I have visited” is very apt indeed. Mr Harvie is all talk and no action.

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