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Video: Watch As Sevco Scumbag Gets Chucked Off Plane

Well it looks like this clown won’t be getting to Seville anytime soon!

A Sevco fan has been escorted off of a plane to Faro, after it had to make an emergency stop in Nantes in order to get the idiot off the plane ASAP.

There are no concrete details yet as to what the person did, but I’m sure it won’t be too hard to imagine the type of thuggish behaviour that would get someone chucked off a plane.

The tweet actually confirms that another one of them was chucked off the flight before it had even taken off!

And in a case of what seems like instant karma, the zombie that got escorted off the plane was apparently one of the ones who tweeted vile abuse towards Scottish folk singer Iona Fyfe earlier that day.

It seems the numerous video messages from ex Ibrox Legends telling these idiots to behave themselves, wasn’t enough to get through their thick skulls.

Two less scumbags in Seville.

Hopefully more to follow.

Check out the tweet from Iona and the video below.

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