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Kevin Thomson Destroyed By Celtic Fans After “Better Than 67” Comments

The saying goes that “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”.

Well, Kevin Thomson has certainly removed all doubt this afternoon.

I’m not even going to quote his comments from his article that he wrote in the Daily Record, I got half way through it and got bored of reading such absolute drivel. I went back and attempted to continue and just couldn’t. It was actually painful to read.

From the first half I read, he basically just embarrassed himself by saying that if Sevco win tomorrow, it will be the greatest achievement in Scottish football history.

He went on to retell the lie about the club “dropping down the leagues”.

Just to remind you Kevin, they didn’t ‘drop down’ any leagues, a new club was formed and started out in the lower divisions, so let’s stick to the facts here.

He goes on to claim that it would be a greater achievement due to the ‘financial disparity’ between Sevco and clubs in Europe.

They way this bullshit keeps getting spouted by this lot, you’d think they’d put out PSG, Man City and Real Madrid!

Again, another fact, Sevco have only had a smaller budget that TWO TEAMS they have beaten in Europe so far.

He goes on to say that he ‘isn’t trying to take anything away from the achievements of the Lisbon Lions”.

No Kevin, that is exactly what you are trying to do, the whole point of your article is to make out that Sevco winning a secondary European trophy is greater than winning the big one. A pathetic, desperate attempt to try and out do your more successful rivals.

What an absolutely delusion idiot.

Take a look at the comments below as Thomson gets told straight by fellow Celtic supporters.

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