You are currently viewing Video: Shocking Scenes From Seville, Riot Police Intervene

Video: Shocking Scenes From Seville, Riot Police Intervene

We all knew this was going to happen.

Despite numerous reports of ‘well behaved adults on trains’ and every Sevco fan in Spain calling in to Clyde SSB tonight saying every single fan has been well behaved, we all know it was a pack of lies.

We say the videos ourselves of them getting chucked off planes and arrested, abusing women, and that was only on the journey over!

Now Sevco fans have arrived in Seville, and carnage has already ensued between them and the Frankfurt fans.

Flares can be seen getting launched in the video and then Sevco fans march towards the police, chanting Billy Boys and throwing glass bottles at the officers before the video cuts out.

This is only the beggining folks.

Buckle up.

Scotland’s shame are just getting started!

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    With uefa watching all this let’s hope they sanction sevco Scotland and not the other Scottish teams that have qualified for Europe next season as the scum would do anything for all Scottish teams to be banned from playing in Europe and let’s see what the sports media come out with regarding the scum support and their actions in Seville.

  2. Sonny

    Well well as if we did not know that’s the Scots getting a bad name again . You can’t tell them anythingThis only brings the Scots name down and drags our name through the gutter , why not give them a gun each and send them all to Ukraine , they wouldn’t be so brave if
    The Russian were to fight back .

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