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Frankfurt President Mocks Thirsty Union Bears – “We Couldn’t Hear Them!”

Oh dear.

How embarrassing.

Imagine having a fanbase and ultra group so pathetic that the President of the club you were playing openly mocks you for being such a useless support?

Well that is exactly what Frankfurt President Peter Fischer has done today.

Quoted tonight in the Daily Record, Fischer has claimed the Sevco fan base were constantly hyped up to him and he expected something special, but ultimately was left scratching his head, wondering what all the fuss was about.

“We had respect for our opponents. It was a fixture worth a final.”

“Two big, traditional clubs, both with big fanbases. But what I have to say is that everybody from Glasgow told me “we won’t hear you, because we will be so loud and that we will make it a home game. They still said that today everywhere.”

“Where have they been? Where in the world have they been? We couldn’t hear them and then they disappeared after the final whistle. This shows there is less sportsmanship and that’s what I criticise.”

“Our fanbase helped us win the game, they were fantastic against the ‘super louds’.”

Oh dear, not a look look for the Union Bears, who also left their crayons back in Glasgow and so couldn’t make a tifo to attempt to rival Frankfurt’s.

Fischer should cut the Sevco fans some slack, as the reason for them not singing was that they ‘were thirsty’ so were unable to show support to their team in the biggest game of their club’s history.

I’m assuming they left so fast at full time as most of them had the sh*ts after resorting to drinking toilet water to stay hydrated.

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