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Follow Follow Meltdown As The Scotsman Predicts Celtic’s £100m Revenue Next Season

The bears are foaming at the mouth tonight after The Scotsman wrote a detailed article, based on facts, that Celtic will more than likely be seeing revenue next season that could be well over £100m after Ange Postecoglou’s Bhoys secured Champions League football.

The article refers back to the 17-18 campaign, where our revenue reached £101m, and with the prize money being even bigger this season, as well as a 2% increase in season ticket sales, it will most likely top that figure.

Of course, Sevco fans flew into a rage over the article, claiming it to be ‘pish’ and hitting back with constant comments about ‘needing to spend £18m on Jota, CCV and Maeda just to stand still’.

It just reeks of jealousy from them.

Since when has keeping hold of your best players from the season before, when you were crowned league champions, seen as a negative?

I didn’t hear them complaining about ‘standing still’ when they managed to ‘keep hold’ of Morelos season after season, or when they spent £7m on Ryan Kent after his loan spell with them?

If we do sign Jota and CCV (Maeda has already signed) then that will be fantastic for Celtic, and Ange will no doubt be looking to add a few more quality players on top of that. He has already stated that is the plan, so we will absolutely be strengthening EVEN FURTHER.

The thing about this article, was it was written with accurate figures, they didn’t ‘double count’ like in their £50m Europa League puff pieces recently.

Take a look at some of the bitter comments below, I’ve left out the numerous comments from grown men who have a strange obsession with child abuse, that vile stuff can stay over in FF where they get a sick thrill from talking about it. Unless it’s to do with their own klub of course…

I particularly enjoyed the one about the trio apparently being rubbish against Sevco. The poster obviously has a short memory, considering CCV and Jota have both scored against them this season, and Maeda set up Jota’s goal the last time we played them!

Deary me.

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