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Twitter Thread Shows Up ‘Best Young Defender In Europe’

A Celtic fan on Twitter has started a thread that includes some absolute howlers from this season alone from Sevco’s ‘highly rated’ defender Calvin Bassey.

The hyperbole about Bassey from Sevco fans and like minded journalists after his performances in the Europa League Final and Scottish Cup Final is through the roof.

Talks of him being the best young defender in Europe and Sevco getting more money than Celtic will get for qualifying for the Champions League this season (£40m) is laughable to say the least.

The same fan base have been saying that Kent and Morelos would be leaving for the same amount, but unsurprisingly to Celtic supports, no club has shown any real interest in the players to date.

Now, if you are a regular reader of this site, you’ll know that I try to be as honest as possible, and I’m not someone who automatically says a player is crap, just because they play for our rivals, it would make me look daft and petty, as that’s what their fans do and have done all season, just as they say we have a terrible defence , despite us by far being the best defence in the league. Statements like that just make you look foolish and are easy to dismantle.

So I’ll be the first to admit that Bassey had two great performances in these finals. He was probably MOTM in both of them and from watching him this season, he is definitely one of their better players, with his physical strength and pace being his greatest assets.

However, he hasn’t had a spectacular season. Far from it. He has had a good season, but before last week’s finals, not even their own fans were talking him up as the next best thing. Now they are certain he’s better than Tierney and Van Dijk and he’ll make them a fortune.

It is all rather embarrassing.

I’m not going to sit here and say they won’t get good money for him, but if they do, it will be good money by Sevco’s standards, probably around £10m-£15m.

Tony Ralston for example has had a far better season than Bassey, and the stats back that up.

Ralston has 5 goals this season with 9 assists, while Bassey have 5 assists with 0 goals, with this season being both players real full season as first team players and pretty much the same age.

The thread below shows some of Bassey’s terrible displays this season, which makes a mockery of his new ‘best young defender in Europe tag’.

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