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Follow Follow Thread Proves 1967 Still Eats Them Alive

We saw in the build up to their Europa League Final how obsessed Sevco supporters and their halfwit ex players like Kenny Miller and Kevin Thomson were about trying to out-do Celtic’s achievement of winning the European Cup in 1967.

The comparisons were absolutely pathetic and down right disrespectful.

They were never close to bettering, equalling, or even coming near to the achievements of the Lisbon Lions.

And they never will.

That’s why they have to do everything they can to try to downplay our achievements.

That’s what unsuccessful people do to successful people. Their bitterness and jealousness gets the better of them and because they can’t accomplish the same feats themselves, they belittle what more successful people have done.

And that’s exactly what we are seeing here with Sevco fans and have done for the last few weeks.

Celtic won the European Cup in 1967. We were without question the best team in Europe.

In a tournament full of league champions and the previous competition winners, before it was watered down with the 3rd and 4th best teams from various leagues, Celtic were the best.

Celtic beat Italian giants Inter Milan in the final, who were Italian Champions and had won 2 our of the last 3 European Cups, and had put out current holders Real Madrid on the way to the final.

In the semi final, Celtic put out Dukla Prague, the Czech Champions, who had themselves put out Ajax in the previous round, and Ajax themselves had progressed to that stage by destroying Liverpool 7-3 on agg. So it just shows you what a formidable side Dukla were at the time.

In the quarter final, Celtic beat Yugoslavia Champions Vojvodina, who themselves had put out Atletico Madrid in the previous round, who were the Spanish Champions ahead of Barcelona and European Champions Real Madrid.

So these idiotic Sevco fans who weren’t even around in these days, who through their own lack of knowledge, don’t know who these clubs are, you only need to point it out to them the type of clubs that they actually beat in order to play us.

These were teams that were better than Liverpool, better than Ajax, than Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Celtic beat the teams that were better than all of these clubs.

Check out the bitter and jealous responses below, but credit to the old chap at the end for setting them straight!

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