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Bitter Sevco Fans Complain Over Lisbon Lions Vote Results

Don’t you just love the taste of salty bear tears?


After football fans all over the world yesterday voted that Celtic’s Lisbon Lions were the greatest club side of all time on a BBC poll, it appears some Sevco fans just can’t handle it.

They even took the time and effort to contact the Daily Record hotline to vent their anger.

Here is what Sevco fan George said:

“A BBC survey has said The Lisbon Lions were the greatest ever club side and I expect we will have the usual bores on here reminding us they won The European Cup in 1967.

“May I remind them it was 55 years ago and apart from one losing final, Celtic have been a total embarrassment in Europe since.”

“I am disappointed that Rangers lost the league title but the consolation is the comedy show of Celtic in the Champions League to look forward to.”

A ‘total embarrassment in Europe since? Since 67 we got to the final of the European Cup again in 1970, and the UEFA Cup Final in 2003 and the quarter finals in 2004.

In the Champions League, we have reached the last 16 three times in the last 15 years.

We also had a terrific home record in Europe, especially in the Champions League, beating giants like Manchester Utd, Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan and many more.

Hardy ’embarrassing’ for a club with Celtic’s budget is it?

And another Sevco fan James emailed in to say “People that say the Lisbon Lions were best team ever? Well, most who voted were Celtic supporters!”

“The Lisbon Lions would not win games against English Premier and Championship teams. This Rangers team would beat them home and away. Celtic fans will still be bragging about this 100 years from now – move on!”

Well James, of course supporters voted for their own club, but Celtic clearly had the vote from the majority neutrals too and that’s what swung it.

The second comment from him is just embarrassing. It really is. It isn’t even worth arguing.

I’ll just leave wee Jamesey to wallow in his anger and bitterness while the immortal Lisbon Lions live rent free in his tiny mind.

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  1. Mr Vincent McSherry mcsherry

    “move 0n?”from a rangers fan? who have been shouting about 1690 for years!!

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