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Sevco Get Away With ‘Price Fixing’ Because Their Stupid Fans Allow Them To

The news came out today that Sevco, Elite Sports and JD Sports, were all in cahoots in order to keep prices of their football shirts at the highest possible price, in order to make more money for themselves, while hurting their club’s die hard supporters in their pockets.

If this news came out about Celtic, our fans would quite rightly be furious.

We would be demanding answers from the club at once, and there would likely be many that would refuse to buy the new strips for a period of time in protest.

What kind of club f*cks over their own support like that?

A club that can get away with it, that’s who.

Because as soon as the media reported on this story, the Sevco fans weren’t interested in holding their own club accountable, they were more interested in claiming it to be some sort of agenda against their club by the Scottish press.

I honestly cannot believe how dumb these peepul are.

This isn’t the Scottish media making up some story to shed their club in a bad light, they are reporting on an investigation from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and it is a very serious matter. One that could potentially cost their club millions of pounds in fines.

Do they honestly expect the media to just sit on a huge story like this, in fear of upsetting sensitive bears?

Sevco fans are too dumb to realise their own club is screwing them over and instead are more interested in saying ‘aye but what about child abuse at Celtic’. It actually beggars belief!

I’m not going to post the replies on here from them, because they are literally all about child abuse, but I will put up the link if you want to see what I’m talking about.

There fan base will continue to get screwed over time and time again, because even when shown to them in black and white that they are being taken for mugs, they don’t take any notice.

Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    The sevconuts deserve all they get the media are a joke especially stv who won’t say that the price fixing is true they say sevco are accused of price fixing and we all know that their go to reply to anyone commenting on anything regarding sevco it’s child abuse even though their club responded to victims of the old club last year it seems that it never happened at ibrokes, what goes on in their heads.

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