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Follow Follow Pre Match Ralston Insults Backfire Spectacularly

When will these idiots ever learn?

The fact that they have just watched Anthony Ralston have a brilliant season for Celtic, win the league and cup double, score 5 goals and create 9 assists along the way, and still claim he is terrible, really beggars belief.

It just makes them look foolish.

Because anyone who actually watches football and isn’t consumed by hatred of all things Celtic related, knows that Ralston is without doubt the best Scottish right back at the moment.

So after the orcs on FF spent the whole pre-match making fun of Ralston and belittling him, he shut then right up with a fantastic first half performance and a goal to match as Scotland lead Armenia 2-0 at half time.

Saying a player is crap just because he plays for your rivals, doesn’t make you clever, it just makes you look very petty and shows a lack of knowledge.

They can snigger at big Tony all they want, while the man himself does his talking on the pitch and shuts them up.

Take a look at some of the laughable comments below.

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