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Sevco Flop Ramsey Pockets Millions As Juve Terminate Contract

Well it looks like penalty kick bottle job Aaron Ramsey is now a free agent, after reports in Italy surfaced tonight that they have agreed a deal to terminate the Welshman’s final year of his contract.

The damage?

Apparently, they have had to pay Ramsey a lump sum of 3.5m euros, half of what he had left on his monster 7m euros a year contract.

It will be interesting to see where Ramsey ends up.

From Juventus in Serie A, to not being good enough to get into the starting XI in the team that finished runners up in the Scottish Premiership last season. It has been quite the fall from grace for Ramsey.

Missing the deciding penalty kick in the Europa League Final for Sevco really did some up his time at their rancid club.


Will any EPL club touch him with a barge pole?

Surely not, but they are daft and full of money, so you never know with that league, but if they’ve actually looked at his performances and fitness levels, or lack there of, since arriving at Sevco in the January window, they would do best to stay well clear.

But, as a Celtic supporter, Ramsey provided me with great entertainment these last few months, so I genuinely wish him all the best.

It would be so sweet to go on and watch him play amazing for another club while Sevco fans look on in anger and disbelief!

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  1. Frankie

    Greatest signing since Gazza according to a useless clown, was bought to keep the clowns happy.

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