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Idiot Hearts Fan Rinsed Over Callum McGregor Scotland Comments

Where do you even begin with stupidity like this?

I expected the insults last night about Ralston, no matter how wrong it was and was proven so by his excellent performance and goal in a man of the match performance for Scotland against Armenia last night.

Sevco fans and other idiot fans from rancid little clubs like Hearts, just can’t understand that Ralston is now a good player. They simply cannot fathom that a young player still learning the game can improve vastly while under the tutelage of a great manager like Ange Postecoglou.

They want to just ignore that he’s had a fantastic season at Celtic and just look back at the time where he wasn’t yet good enough for Celtic’s first team, rather than admit that he has now developed into an international quality right back, as was proven in his outstanding performance last night.

But what really is shocking, is trying to make out that Callum McGregor is a bad football player.

Do you actually put these comments out there and expect sane minded individuals to agree with that?

I find it so hard to imagine someone can be so blinded by hatred for our club, that you would try to make out that the best play in the country for the last several years isn’t good enough to be playing for Scotland.

He must have forgotten that McGregor was the only player to actually score for Scotland at Euro 2020 against Croatia and also bossed the midfield against England at Wembley.

But no, let’s just say he’s sh*te because he plays for Celtic.

How utterly pathetic.

Take a look at the ridiculous comments and rinsing by Celtic fans below.

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