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Listen As Sevco Loon Andy Lacey Gets Triggered Over Celtic’s CCV Deal

I found it very strange last night that after the breaking news of Celtic announcing the permanent signing of Cameron Carter-Vickers last night, that Clyde SSB only took one single call during their shortened show to comment on the announcement, and it was a Sevco fan!

The last time we heard Andy on the show, was when he bolted off the phone after Hugh Keevins started lighting him up with cold hard facts about Celtic being the best team last season, which being a Sevco fan, was too much for Andy’s poor little ears to handle.

They would rather delude themselves with lies and nonsense. It’s the only way they can deal with Celtic’s domestic dominance.

I will post the video down below for you to listen to, but first I will point out some of the rubbish Andy spews here.

He starts off with the bold prediction that “he can safely predict that Celtic won’t win a single point in the Champions League this year.”

In case Andy has forgotten, which I’m sure he has, as all that is on his mind is the fact Sevco got to the Europa League Final, the lie that Celtic ‘got knocked out of 3 European competitions this year’, beating Dortmund minus Haaland in both games and their new favourite w*nking material, the 5 year coefficient, Celtic actually finished on MORE POINTS than Sevco did in their Europa League groups.

And Celtic had the much harder group by the way!

So if he’s basing it on our last group stage showing, is he also predicting Sevco to finish on 0 points if they make it to the Champions League?

Now, let’s look at the last time Celtic were actually in the Champions League. In the 17/18 season, Celtic finished the group on 3 points, a group that included European powerhouses Bayern Munich and PSG.

In the 16/17 season. Celtic finished the group again 3 points, with two of these points coming against Man City both home and away. Our group also included Barcelona.

Listen, maybe we will finish on 0 points, who knows? But let’s cut the crap that his prediction is based on any actual past evidence, he’s just another bitter Sevco fan wanting to see us fail, no matter the bs he goes on to say in the video that he hopes he’s wrong for the good of Scottish football, what utter garbage.

He then starts going on about the 5 year coefficient, that Sevco fans are now going on about as they are ahead of Celtic as things stand, which they have only overtaken us this year by the way due to their Europa League run, up until that point Celtic were ahead in the 5 year rankings, so it’s not the years of dominance they are making it out to be.

He gets mixed up with another table ranking the most successful teams in UEFA competition in the last 5 years, and he also fell for a fake stat from a Sevco account, stating that Celtic were 230th alongside the likes of Rushden & Diamonds!

I mean really, how can anyone be so daft to think that is a legitimate stat? Celtic are actually 21st in the rankings.

He then goes on to talk about CCV and Jota not helping our chances in Europe as “they were both there when Celtic got knocked out of 3 European competitions”.

Wrong yet again Andy! Jota and CCV did not sign until transfer deadline day in the summer and therefore did not play in the Champions League qualifiers.

Celtic had to play Dane Murray and Stephen Welsh at centre back in those matches for crying out out! Can you imagine how much better we would be with our Starfelt and CCV at the back instead, and Jota on the wing?

And I don’t know how many times I have to repeat myself before they get it through their thick skulls, it is not possible to be knocked out of a competition that you hadn’t yet qualified for, so this 3 European Competition guff that they keep going on about is just a total lie yet again.

Have a listen to daft Andy below.

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