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Morelos Transfer Saga Takes Bizarre Twist

For years now we have been hearing that Alfredo Morelos wants away from Sevco and that many big clubs are keen on buying the apparent £40m rated Colombian.

Yet as much as the Scottish press have tried to sell him for big bucks, in reality, no one has been interested, and certainly not at the ridiculous price Sevco were wanting for him.

And due to their high value, this had led to his agent negotiating several new contracts for the player on increased wages each time.

So the funny thing is, Sevco getting the press to stir up interest in the player in order to get money into the club, has actually cost Sevco significantly! It has been a huge error on their part.

But this summer it finally seems that Morelos will indeed move on, entering the final year of his contract and apparently unwilling to sign any more extensions, Sevco will have to let him go for whatever they can get for him to prevent him leaving for free next summer.

Reports in the Spanish press tonight confirm Sevilla have made a 8m euro bid for the player, as was reported they would a few days ago and they have said that he fancies a move there.

I can see that transfer happening to be honest, they might squeeze a bit more out of Sevilla but I reckon that move will go through.

But weirdly, Morelos shared a picture of himself tonight in a Lyon shirt on his Instagram story, which is just bizarre and honestly disrespectful to Sevco. It doesn’t look like he was at their ground or anything, I believe he was just with his fitness coach in the picture.

Are Lyon even interested in him? Is he angling for a move there? It’s all very strage.

Imagine Juranovic posted a picture of himself in a Spurs shirt after being linked with a move to the EPL. I imagine most Celtic supporters would see it as a slap in the face. I certainly would.

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