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Rumours Of Souza In Edinburgh Tonight, Celtic Deal Close?

There are rumours going about tonight that Celtic are closing in on the signing of Brazilian midfield enforcer Vinicius Souza.

Some sites were reporting that Celtic have no chance of landing this player, after it was revealed that Fenerbahce had a £4.3m by his club Lommel, and they are reportedly asking for £8m, which many believe will be too rich for Celtic.

However, we have paid similar money in the past, £7m for Jullien, £9m for Edouard, and we know we have that kind of money in the bank, especially with Champions League money secured.

What seems to be possible is Celtic take Souza on loan, potentially with an option to buy, just like Jota and CCV.

This would be ideal, as it allows us to have the player for at least one full season, basically for free, and then if he proves good enough, we then know what we are getting and whether he is worth the money.

It is an extremely smart way for us to do business, especially with relatively large fees involved .

But, despite reports claiming a move to Celtic is now ‘unlikely’ there are more and more rumours coming out tonight that a deal for the player to move to Celtic is close.

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  1. Francie

    Slightly worried how often fans think we can spend the UCL money. A huge part of it goes on board management players bonuses. And we haven’t taken in any cash from a single player this summer, not Rogic Bitton Barkas Bolingoli Ajeti Soro Johnston Jullien… We need to sell players

  2. sonnny

    what the hell is going on .this is Celtic time they want to sign players .fine it has nothing to do with
    sevco .why do we do this , we sign a player and sevco get the free introductory advice that we dont need

    smile lads let them worry about our signings .we. have them beat

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