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Listen Barkas, Celtic ‘Wouldn’t Recommend’ You Either!

Why is it always the players who aren’t Celtic quality and should never have been given the privilege to play for this magnificent club in the first place, always the first to moan and complain about us?

Greek goalkeeping failure Vasilis Barkas certainly fits that definition, and today, he has come out and told the press in his homeland that he ‘wouldn’t recommend a goalkeeper comes to Celtic’.

Speaking to Greek outlet Betarades on his move to Celtic, Barkas said: “It all happened very quickly. But then the coronavirus came and the situation was difficult on a day-to-day basis.”

“I regretted that decision because things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. But you can’t know beforehand.”

“What saddens me is that some money was spent on me and I didn’t feel the investment.”

“I didn’t feel I was an important part of the team. But it may not even be the team’s fault. It was a Covid year, everything was different.”

“The first six months I didn’t know my teammates, we were in different locker rooms. Celtic is a huge club, but I wouldn’t recommend a goalkeeper to come here.”

Celtic spent £5m on Barkas, more than we haven ever spent on a goalkeeper before, we gave him the No.1 jersey and made him our No.1 goal keeper right from the start, playing in the Glasgow derby, Europa League matches and crucial Champions League qualifiers, he was given the opportunity and plenty of time to prove his worth and hold onto his position, but his own horrific performances were so dire, that Lennon simply couldn’t play him anymore.

Imagine being so terrible that supporters are calling out for Scott Bain and Conor Hazard to start ahead of you. But apparently that’s the club’s fault? Do me a favour.

Even Ange started Barkas as his No.1, but after his horrific performances in pre season and against Midtjylland in the Champions League qualifier, it didn’t take Postecoglou long to realise that this guy was an absolute dud, and not fit to wear the Celtic jersey, and was thus replaced by a keeper of real quality, both as a player and as a man, in Joe Hart.

Cool Barky, don’t recommend goal keepers to come here, as if any top keeper we will be looking at in the future will even know who you are to ask your opinion anyway, all they have to do is ask a legendary keeper of British football like Joe Hart how amazing this club is, and their mind will be made up.

Barky, you weren’t good enough for Celtic, you were a laughing stock during your time here and it was an embarrassment that you represented our incredible football club. You aren’t good enough for Celtic, you didn’t have the quality, or the strength of character to make it here.

That is your own fault, not Celtic’s or anyone else’s.

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