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“Jota Deal OFF” – Worrying Rumour Emerges This Afternoon

Just about every newspaper and website and ‘in the know’ account is reporting, and has been for many, many weeks now, that the Jota to Celtic deal is all but done.

As I wrote yesterday, I did hear that the reason for the delay in an announcement was the agent demanding a release clause in Jota’s Celtic contract of £8m.

As I said yesterday, I don’t know if that is true or not, but I did believe that there could be some truth to it, it would make sense why an announcement hadn’t been made yet, despite Jota apparently being happy to join permanently, and Celtic happy to pay the £6.5m buy out clause.

But now today, I have actually seen an account on Twitter claim the deal is 100% OFF. I haven’t seen anyone say this at all until now, so felt it was worth writing about.

The same account states that Bernabei won’t be announced until 4th July, with other Celtic accounts claiming that he will be announced tonight, so quite quickly we should be able to determine how reliable this person’s information is.

If the Jota deal is in fact off, it would be hugely disappointing, but in a way, it’s good to know one way or the other early on in the window whether he is signing permanently or not, so we can move on and sign another player ASAP.

Take a look at the tweets below.

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  1. John A

    Surely they have a replacement already in mind if this is true? Why wait til it collapses to look?

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