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PAOK Take Pity On Skint Sevco, Agree Cut Price Deal For Striker

After managing to scrape together a measly £1.8m for their No.1 transfer target this summer, it seems that Greek side PAOK have taken sympathy on the charity case that is Sevco, and have accepted their latest bid for striker Antonio Colak.

Sky Sports are reporting this afternoon that a deal has finally been agreed between the two sides and personal terms have also been agreed with the player.

Although, in a bizarre twist that may see the deal not go through, they do state in their report that PAOK have yet to decide on whether they will actually let the striker join the Ibrox club or not.

This definitely isn’t normal. How can you agree a transfer fee to sell the player but still say ‘we might not actually let it go through’?

The report doesn’t clarify a reason as to why it wouldn’t go through after a fee and personal terms have been agreed, so we are left to guess at the possible reasons.

Are PAOK waiting until they snap up a replacement before giving the green light on the deal? Seems the most likely.

Or are Sevco feeding this caveat to the press in order to make it look like they are willing to spend money on a striker but then say PAOK wouldn’t let the deal happen when Sevco decide to pull out of the deal? I’d say that is unlikely, but anything is possible with that mob. They are pros at pulling the wool over their supporters eyes let’s not forget.

If they were bidding for a player and it was for example a £5m-£7m transfer fee, I would definitely think it was the latter, however, Phil did report at the start of the window that they do have enough funds available this window for one first team player, so I do think the transfer will ultimately go through, but considering how stingy they have been in this particular transfer dealing, whatever money they do have available to spend this window, I don’t think they have much left of it.

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