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There Is A Change Happening Inside Celtic FC

The announcement this morning that Celtic have signed Jota on a 5 year permanent deal has had the entire support and everyone connected with the football club buzzing today.

Yes, it’s because we have signed a fabulous player, who proved last season he could do the business at Celtic. The supporters have been crying out for this announcement for months on end. And today it finally arrived.

But there is something deeper that is happening at Celtic. Perhaps you haven’t quite realised what this is yet.

You know inside something is different, but you can’t quite figure out what.

It’s simple. Celtic football club have finally levelled up. We are progressing. This is what it looks like.

We have money to spend, we have better players, we have a world class manager and now we finally have the Chief Executive in Mchael Nicholson that also shares the same vision as our ambitious manager.

We have a manager that doesn’t just settle for winning. He wants to win bigger and better every time. And the board are backing him.

Whether it’s the players he wants, the coaching staff, the head of recruitment, he is going to be given it.

We have a manger who knows what we need to progress.

We are going to become a side that regularly wins the league again and is in the Champions League every season.

The foundations are in place and we have the personnel at the club to ensure that.

We will sing more players this window, I suspect two or three more, and they will make us better.

Unlike the past, the players we are bringing in are designed to improve us and take us to that next level.

We no longer have a Chief Executive penny pinching on players, refusing to help us get to the next level.

Celtic are going to dominate Scottish football for many years to come, as long as this relationship with Ange and the board continue, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t when it is going to continue to bring success.

And it won’t be because Sevco will be weak, they won’t have the excuse of them not being in the league or rebuilding their side over multiple season. I predict they will still be strong in the seasons to come.

But Celtic will quite simply be a level above them, It is that simple.

Spending big money on CCV and Jota to sign them permanently on long terms deals, signing exciting Argentine full backs, on top of all the other exciting and quality players we already have, getting business done early. This isn’t the old Celtic.

But it is the new Celtic. It is the Celtic that have levelled up. It’s time to get used to that fact and enjoy it.

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