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Spot On Celtic Fan Tweet Sums Up Ibrox Jealousy

It was a fantastic day for Celtic supporters after the club announced the permanent signing of Jota on a 5 year contract from Benfica this morning, after a deal was reportedly signed late last night inside Celtic Park.

The transfer fee is widely believed to be £6.3m, with Benfica receiving a 30% sell of fee.

As I wrote earlier, this signing, along with the permanent signing of CCV and others over the last 12 months, just shows how much Celtic mean business, and it really feels now that the club are taking that next step in levelling up, and cementing ourselves as a Champions League club that strengthens year after year.

But, there are some basement dwellers that don’t see it that way.

They see the signings of Jota and CCV as ‘standing still’. Those jealous twerps are what are known as Sevco fans.

Yet, when Celtic sign players in their early 20s on long term deals, players that have just secured us the double in their very first season at the club, they say it’s standing still, yet, they celebrate re-signing a 40 year old keeper that made howler after howler last season, and a 37 year old midfielder that couldn’t even get near the squad for the majority of last season.

It really is laughable.

Even if we indulge their ridiculous argument and say “you know what, yeah we are standing still”, at least we are standing still as Champions, meanwhile, Sevco are standing still after finishing 2nd best.

So Sevco fans should worry about their own transfer dealings, as they struggle to string together enough funds for their £2m rated No.1 transfer target after their absurd claims of making £90m last season from their Europa League run.

Sevco can make believe they are flush with money all they like with their ridiculous calculations and the help from hacks in the SMSM, the proof is in the pudding. There is only one club spending big money in Scotland, and it certainly isn’t them!

Check out this tweet below that hits the nail on the head.

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