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Sevco Roll Out Another Ex Player To Calm The Ibrox Hordes Over Dire Transfer Window

They have been doing it a lot recently!

Sevco have sent another ex player to the press to calm the disgruntled Ibrox fans over the severe lack of transfer activity so far this window.

They have rolled out Richard Foster to claim that the most important thing is ‘keeping the players already at the club’.

It is just utterly laughable. That claim alone and also the fact that half of the Sevco fans that read that nonsense will probably believe it, because let’s face it, they aren’t the brightest bunch, and they are quite happy to believe any old pish they are fed by their club, their ex players and of course the SMSM.

Here is what Foster has had to say on Sevco’s embarrassing transfer window to date:

“I would have been expecting more movement so far,” Foster told BBC Sportsound. “In saying that, so far for Rangers the best thing they have done is keep all their players.”

“There has been a lot of talk about Barisic possibly leaving, Morelos leaving, Aribo as well. I think they have done well to keep the players there.”

“Goldson staying was a big one for them, so I think that was the first hurdle. The Europa League run was spectacular, so there is a great team there. You don’t need to change too much.”

Let’s not forget, this is a team that came to the end of their cycle the year they won the league. Most of that team should have been sold on and improvements should have come in, just like what happened with Celtic last summer.

This nonsense about them always keeping their best players shouldn’t be seen as a good thing, yes, for a couple of seasons, but ultimately, they need to be looking at moving players on when they are at their highest selling potential, and that was last summer.

That is the whole idea of a player trading model. You sell players at their peak, in terms of performance and in terms of their contract, you absolutely do not let the majority of your best players run their contract down to the final year and then act pleased that you kept hold of them and the you continue to keep hold of them. It makes absolutely no sense when you are trying to achieve a successful player trading model.

And forget all this talk too of them reaching the Europa League Final, so the team is strong enough, their main objective, just like every year, including last season, is to win the league. And currently, they are the 2nd best team in Scotland. They aren’t as good as Celtic as a team or as individuals, and last season proved that.

Keeping hold of the players that were 2nd best last season, and acting like that is something to be proud of, without strengthening, is utterly embarrassing.

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