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Botheim ‘Snubs’ Sevco, But SMSM Refuse To Say It

Former Bodo Glimt and Krasnodar has turned down Sevco in order to sign for Serie A side Salernitana FC.

It’s another blow for wee Gio’s side, as Botheim is a good young striker, with a record of 15 goals in 30 appearances for Bodo and being available on a free transfer after ripping up his contract at Krasnodar.

I read the reports of the move on both the Scottish Sun and Daily Record websites to see how the snub was reported, and it really was quite amusing.

Unlike when Celtic aren’t even in for a player, the papers run with the headline of ‘Celtic snubbed’, as they know that kind of story warms the hearts of their Sevco heavy readership, there was no such terms used in the reporting on either website tonight.

In fact, there wasn’t even a hint of any negative wording used in fear of upsetting the fragile Sevco fans.

This is from the Record:

“Botheim ‘closing in’ on Serie A move.”

“Salernitana are in the driving seatto sign Erik Botheim amid Rangers’ interest in him, according to reports in Italy.”

“While Rangers were credited with an interest in the striker, the Norwegian looks destined for Serie A this summer.”

And here is what the Sun wrote:

“‘Here We Go’ Rangers target Erik Botheim joins Serie A side as transfer guru weighs in in striker saga.”

“Erik Botheim’s move to Serie A is done and dusted according to reports in the Italian media.”

“The 22 year old has reportedly been watched by Rangers in months gone by but it now appears he has chosen Salernitana as his next club.”

No ‘Rangers snubbed’, No ‘Botheim chooses Salernitana over Rangers’, No ‘Rangers miss out’ – Not a whiff of negativity in sight!

You can bet if it was Celtic that were interest in Botheim, the Scottish press would have had a field day with the negative headlines.

Phil is right when he said the SMSM only care about two types of stories.

“Rangers magic! Celtic tragic!”

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