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As Souza Deal Stalls, A Reminder That First Choice Isn’t Always The Best

By the looks of things Celtic will likely miss out on a deal for Brazilian midfield enforcer Vinicius Souza.

The club have apparently pushed Souza to make a decision on joining Celtic this summer, but with more and more clubs coming into the picture showing interest in the player, it appears Souza is in no rush to make a decision, taking to his Instagram recently to say as much.

Celtic can’t afford to wait around forever, I’m not sure what sort of deadline they have set on the deal, but I would imagine if they don’t have an answer either way by the end of this week, we will be moving on.

And that will be the right decision.

We will have other targets for that defensive midfield position and the quicker we get a new signing in that position, training with the team and getting to know Ange’s playing style and demands, the better.

Yes, Souza looks a really good player, but there are many, many good players that we will have our eye on this summer that will be of a similar standard.

And if we need to move onto our 2nd option, let’s remember, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will turn out to be a lesser player.

Just look at us missing out on Riley McGree, only to get a much better player for a quarter of the price in Matt O’Riley.

Remember, we were also after the Brazilian right back that ended up at Braga, Yan Couto, but he wouldn’t come and instead we ended up with Juranovic, who again, there is no chance any Celtic supporter would go back and take Couto instead now, as Juranovic has proven to be a World Class right back.

And probably the best comparison yet is our manager, Ange Postecoglou.

We chased Eddie Howe literally for months before he turned us down, leaving us scrabbling to find a replacement.

Was Ange even our 2nd choice? Or was he a name thrown in the hat out of desperation and someone we knew would almost definitely come? Who knows? But by God did it would out brilliantly for us.

I’m still hopeful we get Souza, but I don’t think it’s going to happen now, I think Betis will likely be his destination, and as our recent history has proven, that might not be such a bad thing after all.

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