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Football Stats Expert Hilariously Destroys Kent And Morelos

Oh dear!

This isn’t a good look for them when they are trying to sell each of these players for tens on millions!

Joost Van Der Leij describes himself on Twitter as ‘A philosopher applying Bayesian statistics to football’ and also works for Dutch outfit FC Twente.

He often share his stats from his extensive database of players on request from his followers on Twitter, to see how individual players perform using his statistical analysis.

For example, he recently was asked to reveal the statistics on Real Madrid winger Marco Asensio, with his report confirming ‘Marco Asensio is a very good winger. Very high finishing probability with a bit of passing game probability. Replacement value for Real Madrid 59,869,254 euros. Undervalued player.”

He has also been asked to show his analysis on Sevco’s goal shy goth Ryan Kent, and the stats weren’t too favourable to say the least!

Joost reported that “Wyscount data really doesn’t like Ryan Kent. LOW EVERYTHING with only a small bit of passing game probability.”


Bit the pain for Sevco and their fans doesn’t end there, with Joost later asked to provide analysis on tubby Colombian Alfredo Morelos.

The report was scathing!

“Alfredo Morelos is a SUBPAR STRIKER with decent passing game probability and a bit of finishing probability and creativity, but really TOO LOW for a striker. Replacement value for Rangers 3,394,416 euros.

Which is around £2.83m!

Take a look at the reports from Joost below.

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