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Sevco Fans Rage As Big Mike Leaks Their New Away Kit

Sevco fans are not happy bears tonight after Big Bad Mike’s Sports Direct have leaked their new away kit before the club officially unveils it.

He did the exact same with their home strip recently, and will no doubt do the same if they have a third strip coming out!

Despite The Lying King coming out years ago and saying Sevco have nothing more to do with SDI, it seems that was complete lie, as Ashley still continues to pull the strings behind the scenes.

It has enraged some bears on FF so much that they are hoping he dies soon!

Let’s hope that isn’t the case and Big Mike lives to torment that rancid mob for many years to come!

And speaking of rancid, their new away shirt is a shocker!

But not as bad as their awful pink goalie top!

Take a look at some of the raging replies flying Ashley’s way over on FF tonight.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    That pink top looks like it’s been made to fit fat freddo will he stand in as goalkeeper if McGregor plays like last season?

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