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Delusional Ibrox Site Claims Aribo Deal Will Rise To £20m!!

I swear this lot are not right in the head.

The fact that they have sold Joe Aribo for a measly £6m was too much to handle for a lot of bears, and the SMSM as well, they have to keep quoting that it will eventually rise to £10m, despite the fact the player may never reach the targets required to trigger any further add on’s.

But simply quoting that potential £10m figure just isn’t enough for deluded Sevco fan site Ibrox Noise. No, they had to overdose on deludamol and then write up some ridiculous nonsense, comparing Aribo to Virgil Van Dijk and claiming he will eventually be sold on for £50m, netting the Ibrox side £20m.

Here are the exact quotes from their site.

The expectation is that Aribo will impress at Southampton and within a year or two the big PL sides will look at him and make a move.

In other words, he’ll do a Virgil van Dijk and go to a big six club in 18 months+ for a potential £50M+ and Rangers will cut a slice of that, ala Celtic with their circa £12M for the Dutchman when he switched to Liverpool.

“So, in reality, if Rangers secure a solid sell on percentage, Aribo’s eventual fee could be anything close to the £20M he is worth.”

Think about this for a second. They are actually comparing Joe Aribo to the best centre back in world football for the last few years.

They are absolutely insane!

Does anyone in their right mind think that Aribo would actually move on to a top 6 club like Liverpool, or even Man City or Chelsea? And Go for £50m plus!?

Southampton will be his limit. If he ever moves on it will be sideways to another mid table side at best for the same type of fee Sevco are getting for him. £6m.

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