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Video: Sevco’s New Signing Is Fast, And Eh, That’s About It!

Reports this morning claim that Sevco are on the verge of completing the signing of Wales winger Rabbi Matondo, with the fee believed to be in the region of 3m euros.

Schalke made the mistake of paying £11m for the kid, hoping that he was the real deal after coming up though Man City’s youth academy after they brought him in for Cardiff’s.

City are very good at getting big fees for these types of players, mainly because other clubs hold their players to a higher standard since they have come up from a talent rich set up like City, but also because they aren’t in need of they money, so they don’t get clubs coming in and low balling them for players, as it’s just pointless.

However, Matondo has clearly failed to make the grade at Schalke, so much so that even at only 21 years of age, they aren’t interested in offering him a new deal, they are just happy to recoup a small amount back on what they shelled out for him originally and take the L, just to get him off their wages.

During his struggle to make the grade at Schalke, they sent him out on loan to Stoke City, where again the player failed to make an impact in the Championship, only making 10 appearances and scoring one goal.

He did have a better loan spell in Belgium with Cercle Brugge, scoring 9 goals in 26 appearance for them. But as I mentioned in one of my articles about Celtic’s interest in Vinicius Sousa, who of course plied his trade in Belgium as well, that isn’t a strong league. Any league where Jack Hendry is voted as the best plyer in it should not considered a serious league.

I saw on Twitter today a lot of tweets about him being laughably compared to being as fast as Usain Bolt, so I thought I’d take a look on Youtube to see how good this kid actually is.

Yes, he does look fast, not Usain Bolt quite clearly, honestly, about as fast as Kent, and he looks pretty identical in his play as well, which makes me think that Matondo actually might be Kent’s replacement, with Kent about to head out the door, with the Sevco fans maybe not realising this.

Put it this way, if he was on the verge of a move to Celtic and I checked out his highlights video, I wouldn’t be too impressed, but we have to remember that Sevco are a lesser club that us, with a lesser quality of player and do not have out level of finance, so this is probably the best quality they can hope for.

Check out the video of Matondo below.

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