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BT Sport Commentator Confirms Suspicions On Sevco’s New Signing Target

Surprisingly, despite Schalke accepting a cut price deal, and a loss of around £9m on their original £11m investment into Welsh flop Rabbi Matondo, the Ibrox club have still to get the deal over the line.

It looks like Sevco are still scrabbling to find pennies down the back of the sofa in order to offer Matondo a salary that is acceptable to the player.

However, reports suggest that all parties involved expect a deal to eventually be completed.

After watching highlights of the lad play over the weekend, I noticed a couple of things.

The first one being is that he is fast. The second one being is that appears to be the only strong trait he has. In other words, he isn’t very good!

I said in that article there is a reason that Schalke aren’t willing to offer him a new deal and are happy to get rid of him for dirt cheap, and that is it is clear that he isn’t at the level required, and they are basically admitting that they made a huge error in paying Man City such big money, on what was at the time taking a chance on an unproven youngster in the hope that they were getting a gem, considering he was coming in from Man City’s youth set up.

Clearly, that hasn’t turned out to be reality.

And now, BT Sport’s Bundesliga commentator Derek Rae has weighed in with his thoughts on the player, basically confirming my initial thoughts on Matondo.

If the deal for Matondo does get finalised, it will be another signing for Sevco that won’t give Celtic supports the slightest bit of fear.

Check out Rae’s comments on the player below.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Sevco have got haribo off the wage list and have brought in 3 players they needed £7.5m to see out last season and once again ross wilson can’t get moreorless and others off the wage list when is the next share issue coming for the next bill through the door and I hope they’re keeping up with their payments to Hector or like the deadco sevco may go the same way.

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