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Keevins: Sevco Are Back To The David Murray Spending Days

Hugh Keevins has made an absolutely ludicrous statement while on Clyde Superscoreboard tonight.

He has claimed that Sevco are ‘back to the old days’ where David Murray spent vast sums of money in order to bring success to Rangers and famously claiming that “For every five pounds Celtic spend, we will spend ten.”

Of course, this ending up killing Rangers, sending them into administration and then into liquidation and never to be seen again, after it was revealed their success was built on the illegal use of EBT’s, equal to financial doping, as they brought in players that they would not be able to afford without this illegal method, which helped them win many trophies and qualify umpteen times for the Champions League.

Here is what Keevins said on Clyde SSB tonight while talking about Sevco’s current transfer activity, signing free transfers and players for £1.8m, with Celtic having spent around £17m so far on Jota, CCV, Maeda, Siegrist and Bernabei:

“Rangers have taken on an adrenaline rush now. They’re beginning to shell out the money.”

“They’ve watched Celtic spend money, albeit on retaining Carter-Vickers and Jota, but it was very important that Celtic retained Carter-Vickers and Jota, and they have put out good money to do so.”

“So, we’re back to the old days of Sir David Murray, saying if Celtic put down a fiver, I’ll put down a tenner. We’ve got another fivers and tenners war going on!”

I mean, how on earth has he even gotten to that conclusion?

For a start, so far Celtic have spent nearly 4 times the amount on Jota alone than they have spent on their three summer signings so far, and even if they do sign Matondo for £2.5m, it would take their summer spending to £4.3m for four players.

But according to Keevins, Sevco are back to the financial powers they had when they were shelling out £12m for Tore Andre Flo, and spending fortunes on the likes of Gascoigne, Laudrup and De Boer.

As I said at the start, ludicrous!

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  1. John mcghee

    Mr specky keevin will say anything toget back on the side of sevco fans the scumbag should be sacked for telling lies to people thats listening to supersevcoboard show because thats all it is sevco tv honest the pundits are all huns and its sevco fans on the phone every night its in embarrassing listen to it now it should be shut down our the pundits should get a crack in the jaw for there lies honest..rats and its full of them scumhuns.

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