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Sevco Fans Euphoric At The Thought Of Losing Another Star Player – Is There A Weirder Fanbase In World Football?

Fresh reports have come out this morning that Brighton and Ajax have both held talks with Sevco for the transfer of Calvin Bassey.

This comes after news yesterday that Brighton have reignited their interest in the player and that Ajax manager Alfred Schreuder has spoken with the player over the phone.

If you look on social media, the vast majority of their fanbase is overjoyed at the prospect of one of their best players leaving them.

Am I surprised? No. Because we saw the exact same when Patterson left for Everton, Sevco fans were creaming themselves at the thought of finally getting some much needed cash into the club and kick starting their player trading model.

When you compare and contrast the reaction of Sevco fans to Celtic fans when it was muted that Juranovic is expected to be leaving this summer, it was the complete opposite reaction.

Celtic fans were furious. Desperate to try and put the story to bed. And rightly so. Celtic supporters don’t want to lose their best players. We know with a lot of our players, they are going to be sold down the line and likely for big money. But we are a big club with big expectations and we want to see our best players retained to drive us onto more silverware and get stronger in the Champions League.

Can you imagine Celtic fans giddy over the thought of selling Juranovic, or selling Kyogo? No. It just wouldn’t happen. We aren’t weirdos with an inferiority complex.

Don’t worry about saying that the stories are all lies, that nobody wants him, just look down your nose at them and feel embarrassed for them. That’s what I do.

Could you imagine living in a world where you want all your best players to be sold, just so you can try and say that you have a better plyer trading model that your rivals?

Leave them to boast and enjoy about selling players, leave us to boast and enjoy being Champions and winning more titles and competing in the Champions League.

There’s levels to this game. And Celtic are only going to widen that gap this coming season.

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