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Sevco Fans Up To Their Old Tricks Of Lying When They Can’t Handle Facts

Despite the constant drive from the SMSM, Sevco and their fans to drive up Calvin Bassey’s valuation to match or exceed the £25m Celtic received three years ago from Arsenal for Kieran Tierney, their attempts have fallen short. Quite significantly.

It has been confirmed that Sevco will receive 22m euros (£18.73m) for Bassey, with the potential of up to another 5m euros (£4.26m).

In guaranteed money, it isn’t even the 2nd highest fee received for a Scottish club, with Tierney being first at £25m and Moussa Dembele also netting the Scottish Champions £19.7m in guaranteed cash.

Even if Bassey ends up netting them the add ons, it would still only be in 2nd place overall for fees received by Scottish clubs.

Ad this fact is killing them. They truly believed they would get one over on Celtic here. And they haven’t.

That’s the problem with people that suffer from delusion. They force themselves into believing something that isn’t true, and then when it is shown to them in black and white that they have been lying to themselves and others this whole time, they go into a state of denial and tell more lies as they simply cannot handle the truth.

This is a fanbase that are professional liars.

The lie of 55. The lie of being the most successful team in world football. None if it true, easily proven with facts in black and white.

Yet so many of them continue to say these things as if they were absolute truth.

I said yesterday half jokingly that they will probably try to fiddle with the figures to somehow say they will get over £25m for him, they are that embarrassing.

But looking on social media today and last night, they aren’t even bothering to do that.

“Why put in the extra work when you can just type out a bare faced lie and your fellow Sevco loonballs believe it?” Seems to be their line of thinking, as so many of them are writing that the deal is “The biggest transfer in Scottish football history”.

Even though they know that’s a lie, that they know Tierney and even Dembele went for more, they say it anyway, pretending it’s the truth.

And they will keep on saying it, because the truth as always, is too much for them to handle.

They thought this was their big chance to get one over on Celtic, and they have failed. They are forever in our shadow and they cannot handle it.

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  1. Delbhoy

    Awe the auld hun buns , they all probably believe Trump and the right wing Klan White man power they all believe covid is a myth and sure they have never lost ,backward mentality

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