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Who’ll Be The Next Rat To Leave The Sinking Ship Known As Sevco?

We aren’t even half way through July yet and Sevco have already lost 2 of their best 4 players after Aribo’s £6m move to Southampton and Calvin Bassey having landed in Amsterdam to complete his £18.73m move to Ajax.

As Sevco fans rejoice at selling two of their best players and counting money they most likely won’t even see their team spent a quarter of, it hasn’t yet dawned on them that they are seriously weakened.

Their best midfielder – gone. Their best defender – gone.

And they have the stupidity to write into the Daily Record hotline and say that ‘Celtic fans are worried’ and ‘they can sense the fear from Celtic fans’.


Why on earth would Celtic fans be worried or feared that Sevco are losing their best player? How the hell do you even come to that line of thinking?

I can only assume they think Gio is going to be given all this money to spend this summer. If that is actually what they believe, they are in for a very rude awakening!

And let’s remember, they realistically need to sell Kent and Morelos this window too as they are in the final year of their contract, with the latest rumours that Sevco have been begging Galatasaray to take Kent off their hands.

I can’t see them signing new contracts at Sevco. These latest two sales will only make the players more desperate to leave in my opinion. What sort of ambition does it show when Celtic are strengthening and their team is weakening, yet they are the ones that finished 2nd last season and need to improve the most?

It isn’t looking good for them. And if they do actually lose Kent and Morelos this summer, they might have a serious battle on their hands next season to secure that 2nd place spot.

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  1. Sonny

    It shows you they. Are desperate for money 2 of their best players have. Had enough and are leaving
    Kent is next and morelas the quicker you get rid of him with his face screwed up like a monkey
    He better

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