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Notorious Sevco Moonhowler Rinsed For Delusional Boast

When it comes to delusional Sevco moonhowlers, The 4th Official on Twitter is right up there with the likes of Joe Black and Andy Lacey for the amount of ridiculous nonsense that comes out of them.

And he picked a very strange time to spew his latest vomit inducing rant, with Sevco having just lost two of their best players after finishing 2nd behind Champions Celtic in the league last season and unlikely to make it past the Champions League qualifiers.

Here is what he had to say after the news of Bassey’s imminent departure broke.

“There cannot be any doubt that right now, Rangers are one of the most attractive destinations for any player wanting to play at the very top level.”

What f*cking planet is this guy on? Seriously?

“The very top level”? Aye pal, Lewandowski was crazy to sign for Barca and De Light shouldn’t go to Bayern Munich, playing for Sevco challenging Aberdeen for 2nd place next season and in the Europa League is where the real TOP LEVEL is!

His post was so outrageously delusional, Twitter actually filed it under the trending topic ‘Funny Tweets!’

Imagine being this cocky and arrogant when Celtic and Ange Postecoglou took you to the cleaners last season and you are losing your best players week after week.

Mental. Truly mental.

Take a look below as he gets rinsed by people of sane mind.

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  1. Darren Nicholson

    I can’t stop laughing, that made my day😂

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