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Nazi Salute Thug Confirms He Is A Sevco Fan “1st”

First it was those pesky Chelsea fans that dressed up as Rangers fans to destroy Manchester in 2008, and this week it was a pesky ‘Millwall fan’ that was caught on video making a Nazi salute/Hitler gesture as Sevco took on West Ham during the week.

They couldn’t believe their luck when other pictures came out of the guy wearing a Millwall shirt at the game which was underneath the jacket he had on during the video. It was the perfect excuse to blame another club’s fans for their vile behaviour.

Their fans have been constantly saying he wasn’t a Sevco fan and has nothing to do with them, which of course, doesn’t make sense, considering he was watching Sevco play amongst the home fans.

Even the press and media refused to acknowledge it was a Sevco fan, probably because they would ban them for telling the truth because history proves that’s what they do when they don’t like certain stories, they bully organisations and individuals and then play the victim.

It really is sickening.

Well, Sevco fans can lie all they lie (their favourite thing to do) as the man himself has admitted he is a Sevco fan.

It can be verified as his account because he tweeted before the match that he would be there with his Millwall shirt on and has been constantly replying to every criticism of him online and trying to defend his actions.

He seemed to take offence that people kept referring to him as a ‘Millwall fan’ and sought to correct the lies, stating:

“Actually, Rangers 1st”

So there you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth.

A Sevco fan doing typical vile Sevco things.

See the tweets below for yourself.

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