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Keevins Double Down On Sevco’s ‘Stronger Defence’ Comments, Despite Selling Their Best Defender!

I was confused by comments Hugh Keevins made on Clyde SSB last Monday night, that quite frankly made no sense whatsoever.

I thought about writing about it but didn’t bother, but now he not only repeated those comments in his Daily Record article this morning, he has ridiculously clamed that Sevco’s defence is “more reliable” that Celtic’s!

This is what Keevins had to say while speaking about Sevco’s defensive weaknesses last season:

“Rangers lost a lot of careless points last season. It wasn’t the reason why Celtic won the league, Celtic won the league because they went 32 matches without losing any, that’s why Celtic won the league.”

“However, along the way, Rangers lost careless points and defensive frailty was apparent in the unlikeliest of settings.”

“I think they’ve addressed that problem now, they look very, very strong at the back.”

So let me get this right. Keevins thinks that Sevco now look stronger at the back than last season, just after selling their best defender? How the hell does that make any sense!?

Not only did they lose Bassey, in my opinion, they have also lost their 2nd best defender in Leon Balogun.

Is bringing in Davies and Souttar actually far better than having Bassey and Balogun? Not a chance!

And these comments were made well before they were trying to sign the Turkish left back by the way, which makes his argument even more ridiculous!

And now, today, he has decided to drag Celtic into his delusional rantings, where he was writing about his predictions for the winner of the Scottish Premiership this coming season, where of course he picked his favourite club Sevco.

He moans in the article more than once about trying to predict the league winners 38 games from now, as if the guy didn’t predict Sevco to go the entire league season undefeated last season after only a few games had been played!

He says in the battle between ourselves and Sevco next season that:

“It could come down to the fact that Rangers look more reliable in defence while looking like a team with goals throughout the side.”

Sure Hugh, don’t bother taking into account that Celtic had by far the best defensive record in the league last season, and by far the better goal scoring record.

Celtic have the same defence as last season, we haven’t sold our best defender like Sevco have, and we have now added Bernabei and Lenz to strengthen our resources at the back, as well as a good back up keeper in Ben Siegrist.

Goals throughout the side? Celtic had Kyogo, Giakoumakis, Abada and Jota all in the Scottish Premiership top 10 goal scorers last season, while Sevco only had 2, Morelos and Roofe, and by all accounts Roofe could be off to Sheffield Wednesday and Morelos is still injured and the club are looking to punt him.

But don’t let facts get in the way of a nice feel good story for Sevco Hugh!

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  1. NICK66

    Well said and well correct. We’ll well wellie his well misguided words up his well worn well.

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