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Scottish Sun Forced To Change Disgraceful Anti Celtic Headline After Fan Backlash

The Scottish Sun Have now changed their disgraceful headline after backlash from furious Celtic supporters, after the newspaper attempted to drag us into the disgraceful behaviour of Sevco fans yesterday, which saw four supporters arrested in the build up to their friendly game against Tottenham Hotspur.

Celtic played our own friendly against Norwich at the same time yesterday, with all fans being well behaved as usual, but the Scottish Sun felt the need to tarnish our club and our supporters, because they couldn’t simply just tell the truth that only one half of the Glasgow divide were involved in the trouble.

Most outlets have refused to even admit it was Sevco fans involved in the disgraceful scenes that saw police Scotland come out with a written statement on the incident, which noted that there has been a “significant number of football fans intent on causing disorder and violence across the city”.

Instead, they simply keep repeating that it was ‘football fans’.

But the Scottish Sun had to take it one step further with their disgraceful headline:

“Police make four arrests after Celtic and Rangers BOTH host matches at home.”

Which of course, to anyone who doesn’t keep up to date with football and on the blogs and social media, their first thought would be that some of our own fans were also arrested and causing trouble, and that was clearly what their intention was, to tar as with the same brush as that rancid mob across the city.

It remains to be seen whether Celtic have contact the newspaper about this, I would certainly hope they have done, or whether they just felt the pressure that was put on them and journalist Paige Beresford, who is the journalist who wrote the story.

Now, some journalists do state that they do not write the headline, but as far as I’m aware, Paige hasn’t denied writing it, and instead, has locked down her Twitter account, so make of that what you will.

But the SMSM should be aware that Celtic supports will not allow our name to be tarnished in this way and linked to trouble that we have not been involved in, we simply won’t just roll over and accept outlets to besmirch our good name.

Check out the previous headline and updated one below.

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