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Sick Sevco Fans Appear In Court Over Racist Kyogo Video

The sick Sevco fans who appeared in a video on board a supporter’s bus signing racist songs and making racist gestures aimed at Celtic’s Japanese star Kyogo Furuhashi have appeared in court today.

Ian McKenzie, 31, Mark Speirs, 27, and Dylan Devine, 26, all appeared in the video singing the racist song about Kyogo on the way to their team’s away game against Ross County back in August 2021.

Speirs and Devine were seen changing the shape of their eyes to ‘mimic someone of Asian descent’ while singing ‘let’s all do Kyogo’.

All three men were identified after a complaint was made to Police Scotland and were given indefinite bans from attending matches at Ibrox by the club.

The three men appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court and admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by singing racist songs, while Speirs and Devine also admitted making a racist gesture.

Sheriff Robert Vaughan fined McKenzie and Devine £450 each while Speirs was fined £650.

A request by prosecutors to give the three men football banning orders was rejected by the sheriff as they had already been banned from attending Ibrox by Sevco.

A fourth man, Marc Newton, 25, of Bellshill, had his not guilty pleas accepted.

Hopefully, it is the last time we see a disgusting incident like this, but I wouldn’t hold me breath.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    It’s a pity 🐷 Scotland don’t arrest any sevco fans for the singing of the billy boys or the famine song maybe because most of them are of the sevco persuasion and join in with these songs when they attend sevco matches, these people who are employed to uphold the law don’t do their jobs very well.

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