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SMSM Already Attempting To Get ‘Bassey Billions’ For Sevco’s New Defender

Deary me.

Sevco’s new defender is just in the door after signing on a free transfer from Hearts and the Scottish media are already trying desperately to punt him for an inflated price!

The Scottish Sun ran a story today claiming that Souttar will be a ‘Legend in the making’ and have placed a £15m price tag on the injury prone 25 year old former Hearts thug.

Which is funny, considering Sevco fans themselves don’t even seem to rate their new defender, with fans on social media labelling him a ‘bombscare’ and telling him to ‘f-off back to Hearts!’

You can see some of those comments for yourself here: “Bombscare!”, “Seen Milk Turn Faster!” – Sevco Fans Not Happy With New Signing – Champions 67

That’s the thing about Sevco fans though, if he has one good game they will all do a 180 and claim he is the best thing since sliced bread.

How many times have we seen them demand that Tavernier is chased out of the building, only for him to be labelled the best right back in Britain and calling for him to be England’s first choice starter about a week later?

Even Bassey was labelled as not being good enough and then all of a sudden after a few good games they are demanding cray money for him.

The whole lot of them are totally shameless!

Check out the ridiculous headline below.

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