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Clyde SSB Delete Disgraceful Podcast and Tweets Attacking Celtic Legend

The first ever episode of ‘The Big Scottish Football Podcast’ on Radio Clyde is now no longer available to listen to on their website, after the full podcast was deleted a short time ago, along with their Twitter post promoting the show with a short clip.

The clip in question was a vicious attack by presenter Ewen Cameron on Celtic Legend John Hartson.

I was actually listening to the show in full earlier to hear what it was like and to hear what sort of context the attack started from and had paused it half way through. As I went to listen to it a short while ago, I noticed the podcast was nowhere to be found.

I then went onto their twitter page and other site that had embedded the tweet and short clip of Cameron’s verbal tirade against Hartson, and also found that to be deleted as I will post below.

Here is a quote on what Cameron said on the show about Hartson’s ability as a football pundit.

“Here he is as a football pundit in Scotland. Narrow minded, blinkered, biased, paranoid. How does that happen?”

“You are allowed to be all of that if you are a Celtic fan, if you are a Celtic man, if you grew up as a Celtic fan.”

“He didn’t. He is one of the worst football pundits in Scottish football!”

Honestly, that is a shocking outburst from Cameron, who has been in this business a long time and should know better.

There is being a wind up merchant and being a shock jock to get views, but you cannot outright spew something completely defamatory like that, especially when Hartson works for a rival station in Go Radio and also does work for BT Sport and Celtic TV and it could hinder him getting future work.

I think it is a fair bet that Hartson’s lawyer has been on the phone to Clyde and told them in no uncertain terms to delete everything. I would be very surprised if that hadn’t happened.

The new show is apparently on every Monday, so we’ll see if we ever get a second episode!

(Edit: The podcast has now been put back up with the offensive tirade kept in and not edited out. A very strange decision from Clyde to delete the podcast and delete the tweets of the offensive clip, to then put the podcast back up hours later.)

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  1. Jimmy T

    Where is Gordon Duncan anyway?
    Ewan McGregor…😖
    You’ve heard of having a “face for the radio?” This guy’s voice makes me want to cut my heart out, with a spoon! Forth radio, get him to fvck in the morning!! Diet h*n, nuff said!


  2. Delbhoy

    Not the first time this jerk has been outspoken and gross against Celtic and anyone associated to Celtic shld never b allowed to front any football programme ,Clyde I’m afraid have to look at themselves for this isn’t the 1st time they have allowed this insulent dick to spew his vomit

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