You are currently viewing “Amazing, Love It!” “Horrible!” – Celtic Fans Have Mixed Reaction As Usual To Leaked 3rd Kit

“Amazing, Love It!” “Horrible!” – Celtic Fans Have Mixed Reaction As Usual To Leaked 3rd Kit

Website Footy Headlines last night confirmed a leak for the new Celtic third kit is genuine, and we should be seeing an official release and promotional campaign very soon from Celtic.

The shirt is definitely different and not a colour combo that we would usually wear, light grey and luminous yellow.

I think the last grey kit we had was the awful one under New Balance with the pink badge and pointed stripe around the middle of it.

This new one from Adidas is definitely an upgrade on that abomination!

But of course, the reaction to the leaked was mixed from Celtic fans, and as with every other kit leak, the reaction is normally that it is the best kit they have ever seen or the worst! There normally isn’t too much of a happy medium!

I think overall Adidas have done a fantastic job at making kits for Celtic and most of them have been belters.

This season probably hasn’t been their best standard overall n terms of looks, but that mainly because a lot of the previous kits they have done with us have been outstandingly good.

I don’t understand the minority that wants us to leave Adidas, considering how many beautiful strips they have given us over the years and the benefits of being associated what a massive sporting brand, along with the money we get from them.

I think they either have poor taste or short memories!

Take a look at the reaction to the new 3rd kit below.

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