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Only In Scotland Would One Set Of Fans Be So Desperate To Defend A Rival Club’s Manager

I find it very amusing the sheer amount of Sevco fans and Sevco fan media that have come out in defence of David Martindale this afternoon.

Why should it matter to them what podcast a Livingston manager goes on? Why would they all feel the need to protect him?

Because it’s simple. He is one of their own.

Do you think for one second they would defend any other manager who isn’t a known supporter of their klub, going on any other fan’s podcast?


Their defence of him just proves his guilt.

It shows how braindead that lot are that think coming out and defending Martindale for going on a Sevco fan podcast (not for the first time by the way), is actually going to help him.

Do they honestly think the people criticising him are going to buy their dumb excuse of “och he’s just being a friendly guy, he goes on loads of podcasts”.

Sure he does. That’s is the only reason he went on there. Not because he’s a Sevco fan or anything like that…

The fact that they can’t simply just come out and say “yeah, that does look at bit dodgy” speaks volumes.

It tells you they know fine well what he has done is plain wrong. That’s why they are trying so hard to defend him.

They are simply looking out for one of their own.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    If I was the Livingston owner I’d be looking for a new manager as they can’t trust Martindale to do his best for the club especially when he’s predicting defeat days before the match against the team he supports, I know managers support some team but he hoes o t t when speaking about sevco, are the Livi fans happy with the way Martindale manages the team?

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