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Calls For Celtic Manager To Drop ‘Ange-Ball’ For Champions League Is Wrong And Cowardly

This has been the narrative that some have been pushing since the very start of last season before the Europa League Group games.

In fairness, it has mostly come from hacks like Keevins who simply wants to dismiss us and put a negative slant on all things Celtic whenever possible.

But there are also plenty of Celtic fans that agree with him on this.

It is cowardly.

Of course none of us want to get pumped 7-0 or whatever, and maybe that would happen, who knows?

But as Ange has already stated in his desire to play HIS WAY in Europe, not just domestically, is how the hell will we ever progress and improve as a European side if we are too scared to play the way we want to play?

How do we know how good we are, or how good we can be, if we bottle it on the biggest stage?

If we play our way and give 100& effort and end up getting a heavy defeat, then so be it.

At least we know where we stand and where we need to improve in order to do better at that level.

They bring up Rodgers getting pumped off PSG and Barcelona to say that we can’t play exciting, attacking football in Europe.

They never mention that we went toe-to-toe with Man City and drew 3-3 with them at Celtic Park, the first team all season up until that point to take points off them and then also took a point off them at the Etihad in a 1-1 draw in the return match.

These games, especially the game at Celtic Park, were absolutely exhilarating, but people only want to focus on the defeats.

Screw them. back Ange. Back the team. Enjoy us playing Ange-Ball. Enjoy us playing the Celtic way. Entertaining football.

Win lose or draw, at least we can be proud we had the courage to play our football.

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