You are currently viewing Video: Watch As Jota Goal Silences Aberdeen Fans

Video: Watch As Jota Goal Silences Aberdeen Fans

Aberdeen fans truly are one of the scummiest support in the country.

They hate Celtic with a passion, and that was shown when a few idiots in their support last week held up a sign saying they don’t want anymore Celtic players on loan, despite Liam Scales joining on loan and being one of their best players.

It was the same with Ryan Christie, who went on loan to them while at Celtic and scored 10 goals in 45 appearances for the club.

But that is the level of contempt which the have for our club.

They have an inferiority complex and simply can’t handle that their club isn’t up there with the two big Glasgow sides, given their rich history, especially in Scottish football terms.

So it is always nice to see their mouths shut, and this is exactly what Jota’s screamer did at the weekend right after they burst into song about their striker Christian Ramirez.

Check out the funny video below.

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