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Celtic Fans React Furiously At News Of Next Podcast Guest

It is fair to say that Celtic supporters are not pleased with the next guest that is set to be appearing on one of our own fan media podcasts.

Livingston manager David Martindale, a lifelong fans of the teams playing out of Ibrox, has caused controversy in recent days by going on our rivals fan media podcasts within 48 hours of his own team playing against them, to explain to us that he isn’t biased and doesn’t try harder against Celtic than against his favourite club.

Of course, our rivals all backed him up on this and tried to tell us he wasn’t biased, but the fact they all protested against that narrative so much, only made it more believable.

His comments after the game at the weekend also annoyed a lot of Celtic fans, as he talked in awed tones about his favourite players “Wee Scotty” and “Tav”, as he smiled talking about their goals that had just defeated the team he manages.

For some reason, a certain Celtic podcast has thought it would be a good idea to also book Martindale as a guest, presumably to further help the narrative coming from our rivals that he isn’t biased and doesn’t set his team up differently against both sides.

Why they think this is a good idea to have him on, I don’t know.

And it seems Celtic supporters are pretty much agreed on this, after Twitter user ‘Ronnie O’C We Never Stop’ posted a poll for Celtic fans to vote on whether you think he should be a guest on a Celtic podcast.

The poll is still live, but from casting my own vote, it allows me to see that a whopping 92% of Celtic fans feel that Martindale should not be invited onto a Celtic podcast.

I think it’s fair to say the fans have spoken!

Take a look at the poll and the comments below.

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