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Clyde Pundits Predict Celtic Downfall – Genuine Belief Or Wishful Thinking?

So, most of the Clyde SuperScoreboard pundits have given their prediction for the Scottish Premiership league title winner this season.

Surprise, surprise, six out of the seven pundits asked said the league trophy would be heading to Ibrox.

Which makes me wonder, is this what they actually believe will happen? Or is it simply wishful thinking on their part?

I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say they haven’t taken the first games of this season that have been played into consideration, as although the video only came out last night, I believe from listening to the show that these predictions were given around a week ago.

But let’s just take a look at last season, as that is the closest comparison we have to what will happen this season.

Celtic won the league by four points. Even after the worst start in decades, we were still good enough to then go on a 32 game unbeaten run and win the league.

Last season, that was the best our rivals have been since they were formed in 2012. They got to the Europa League final, yet, we still proved over a 38 game league season, that we were the better side.

And now we are stronger and they are weaker.

We saw it the other night. They missed Bassey and Aribo terribly and who knows if Kent and Morelos will stick around? They still haven’t signed new deals by the way.

Their new signings do not look great. Yes, it is early, but we can only go off what we’ve seen so far, and as I said, they don’t look great.

Hugh Keevins’ analogy that Celtic will lose the league because we are “playing pass the parcel” is just another ridiculous soundbite that he has come up with and will repeat on each show for the next few weeks until he thinks of another one.

It’s ridiculous. The core of that team has been together for four of five seasons now, and they only won the league when Celtic capitulated under Neil Lennon.

Yes, they went unbeaten and I will give them credit for that, they deserved to win it fair and square, but it’s funny that the only time they managed to get over the line was when games were played behind closed doors and we were on our knees.

History proves that as long as we play the way we are capable of playing, and we aren’t playing games behind closed doors for an entire season, we win the league every time.


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