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Celtic Fans All Agree On Don Robertson’s Performance Today

It was the usual performance from referee Don Robertson this afternoon in a game where he has been refereeing a Celtic match.

And by usual performance, I mean disgraceful.

I’ve wrote articles about this man before, because he constantly allows opponents to endanger our players.

Clear yellow card offences get ignored and our players get told to play on.

Leg breaking tackles get a ticking off and just a free-kick. This is the history of this guy when he officiated our games.

There was one bad one in the first half in particular on Greg Taylor where the County player came right through the back of both Taylor’s legs and getting nowhere near the ball.

Instead of giving an obvious free-kick and a booking for the County player, Robertson waived play on.

And when I say our players aren’t safe, how can they be when obvious free-kicks and bookings and on previous occasions red card offences are waived off by this guy, it just lets the opposition know they can get away with being even more dangerous and aggressive in order to stop us, because there is no deterrent there for them not to.

It is about time the club grew some balls and objected to this man refereeing our games. If they care one jot about the safety of our players, they must.

Take a look at the comments below.

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    Regardless what you might think, Robertson is not a *the Raijurs fan. He’s just a shit referee and is consistently shit in all games. But you’re right in saying if he’s not removed or told to punish appropriately, then someone is going to get seriously hurt. Wouldn’t hold my breathe on the LRA or the SPFL jumping in and having a word. Celtic board should put a dossier together (just like *the Raijurs do), and demand action is taken. No letters on the quiet. Dossier😝

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